Monday, April 20, 2009

Hulu's Plot to Destroy the World

Hulu's recent commercial featured Seth MacFarlane, speaking in-character throughout the ad. I am unclear about why hulu, a site devoted to free broadcasts of tv shows and movies, hired MacFarlane to promote Family Guy (for which MacFarlane is the creator/executive producer). I'm not sure advertising for a free site to watch your show will bring revenue and profit to Family Guy itself.

My main point then, I guess: What's the point of this commercial and what company will be profitable from this video?

Thinking into it, it's possible that more [potential] viewers are reached through the Hulu commercial. Perhaps Hulu users hadn't heard of Family Guy, and now want to see what the excitement is about. Or maybe Family Guy viewers hadn't heard of Hulu, and will begin to use the site for other popular shows.

Not that it's a bad commercial, I simply just don't understand the overall purpose of it.

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