Friday, January 30, 2009

Does sex sell vodka?

It's a standard assumption that sex sells products. However, the marketers of Polish vodka Sobieski appear to be taking a different route. Maybe with the simple layout, clean lines, and matter-of-fact wording, Sobieski will become as popular as other imported vodkas.

Sobieski appears to be the only brand advertising just vodka. Take a look at ads from Skyy, Three Olives, and Smirnoff vodkas:

The Smirnoff ad is from 1964; using 'sex' to sell a product isn't a new idea.

All three ads use images of attractive and/or provocative women to make their vodka more appealing to consumers. But how well does it work? The 'sexy' ads cover three very popular vodka brands; Sobieski vodka is not well-known. Perhaps high sales are due to the eye-catching women in the ads.

Think about the last time you purchased vodka or any type of alcohol. What brand did you choose and why was that brand the one that came to mind? Was it because of the simple layout and clean lines in an advertisement? Or was it the attractive woman or man that grabbed your attention?

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  1. Great post, by the way. I don't mind looking at attractive women anywhere, but I find it a bit insulting when marketers try to suggest we're so primitive. It's like saying, "Here, look at this bright shiny object while we take your money!" To me, it also suggests that if all you have to say about your product is, "Look at the attractive model holding it," you don't have a very compelling product story. I appreciate brands who don't try to hide their products behind a bunch of BS or distraction. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to look for a bottle of Sobieski next time I'm shopping for vodka. Especially now, with the economy and world we're in, are people not excited by something real when it comes along?